Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mr. Proudfoot's short and long narrative samples

The following paragraphs were written by me and read to the class.  They are drafts and could be edited, but I wanted to do this to provide the students with what I was looking for in the assignment.

Both pieces of writing follow the Success Criteria of the assignment and used the illustration as the focus for this writing.

I highlighted a few parts that relate to criteria outlined for the assignment

For those not up to writing multiple paragraphs, a single paragraph is appropriate
- grade 7s had Math on Mean, Median, and Mode (from an old EQAO evaluation):  CALCULATIONS must be shown
- Grade 8s:  review for upcoming Math re-test on drawing angles
- outstanding Xs on the homework chart need to be taken care of and are the responsibility of the student to complete (time is provided in class for catching up as well as the opportunity to work after school on most days) 

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