Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Surface area & Volume calculators (along with some review videos), Geometry & Art, reducing fractions pt. 2, Grade 6 students visiting from Pauline, Learning Skills and Work Habits journal

I was searching for an easy formula to be used to calculate the surface area of a rectangular prism.
We will use this as we prepare for Thursday morning's test.

I thought I would be much clearer with the surface area question about the box with no lid.  This is a practice question which you should do in class, with a partner today (Wednesday).  Use the formula listed above, or another method for calculating the answer.  At the end of the Math lesson, we will look at the answer at the bottom of today's post.

For the purpose of our lesson, here are the dimensions:
width = 8 cm
length = 14. 4 cm
height = 21 cm


Here are the answers for the Math test that I will redesign.  There will be fewer questions and I will be clear in my wording, although it was not that bad.  I strongly encourage you to review the concepts we have looked at.  This should be in your notebook, from your homework, and on the sideboard in the classroom.

In case you wondering, shrink-wrapped cheese may look like this:


When you receive your tests, you will see some feedback from me, which will help you prepare for the next test.  I have marked them with a "C" and a checkmark, similar to when I check your homework.  Remember to use your units!!!  If they are left out, you will receive a half mark!!


You will be receiving an Art/Geometry assignment today.  It is based on a draft exercise you should have all completed.  I did a sample for you and I will have it posted in the class.  For now, here it is for you to see and reference.

In addition, I found another video to explain how to reduce fractions to the lowest terms.  While I applaud the perspective offered by the Math Antics video, this one is consistent with the method we have been using in class.

I did not take any photos, but the incoming Grade 6 students from Pauline Public School popped in for an orientation of our school.  Ms. Kramer provided all of the 6s with a handout of the items they will need for next September.  Yes, I know that is a way off, but it is okay to plan a little.

The answer for the surface area of the box is 1171.2 square centimetres.  The volume is 2419.2 cubed centimetres for this box.

update!!  When the Google based Surface Area app was used, it thought there were six faces.  Our granola bar box only has 5 faces, since the top was removed.

updated answer:  thanks to the sharp students in Room 28 who pointed this out!
As the school year comes to a close, part of the preparation for the Report Card is a small reflection journal.  Here is my example.  The areas of focus for this term are circled.  

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