Friday, June 2, 2017

Some other important things, of a different note

Although the year is nearing the end, I certainly hope that you have learned some things about yourself this year and how you learn best.  Part of the process of learning involves hard work and an attitude that you are capable and things are possible.
I certainly hope that you have been able to feel some sense of power from the idea of yet.

In the early Spring, we took a look at the documentary Spellbound.  I know some of you were not as engaged by it as others, but I just heard about the crowning of the 2017 champion, Ananya Vinay.  In previous years, Ananya entered the competition, but did not become the champion until yesterday; that is the power and potential of yet.

Before we see how she did it, let's meet some of the competitors from this year's competition.  It is great to see such a diverse range of participants!

I am sure that one of the things many of the competitors feel in their hearts rests with the idea of things being possible.  This rests on the idea of having or developing a Growth Mindset and being aware of how a Fixed Mindset can be very limiting.

I am unsure of the original author, but a version of this can be found at

If you Google Carol Dweck, you will see a lot of information about this.  She is a Standford University Psychologist who speaks about these mindsets (

I may have shown this to you before, but this is how the Mindsets can be broken down to a level that would be suitable, I think, for Junior aged students:

This comes from this really awesome site called Class Dojo:

As we explore this chart some more and talk about this, we will do some short journal writing on this topic.  So, this most certainly will be continued.  


 I am going to make some connections among the items I have posted and looking at the Math work we have been doing.  For some of you, it may feel a little challenging and you may not yet know how to work with some of these questions.  It is my intent to guide you, but you will also have to do some work and review of your own (

I will be adding some more images over the course of the weekend.

1/3 is 2/6 in lowest terms
they are also equivalent fractions

Fun Spring Fling movie screening:

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