Thursday, June 15, 2017

Learning a little bit about your brain, using the Frayer model for Health & revisiting "Handsome and Majestic," explaining the Arithmetic behind Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Some points of reference for our discussion on the developing brain:
I would like to believe that the idea that our brains are able to make new connections and learn new things relates to the idea of YET.  It is a "green" thought where we have the idea that our intelligence can be developed with some persistent effort in the face of challenging situations.  You may need to get some help from a friend, coach, or a teacher but it is possible

Frayer Model:

According to Alea Thompson, "the Frayer Model is a visual organizer that helps students understand key ideas and words by linking the new ideas to their existing knowledge. The graphic organizer looks like this, with the word or concept that you are teaching at the center"

Here is an example, from the same website:

We are going to use this model today to look at something in Health class and will use the film Handsome and Majestic and a portion of Milan's story to frame our discussion

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