Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sentence Review websites

I was doing some research on some interactive games to get the students thinking about the mechanics of writing.  I was able to come up with a few links (there are a lot!) and I am sure the list will grow, but I do not want to overwhelm the class with too much information.

The games, some of which seem very easy, will be a good supplement to the work we are  doing in class.  Eventually, the students will be responsible for reviewing each of the sites and recording what they learned from playing/interacting with them.

A very basic review of Simple Sentences.

This site introduces the students to some of the vocabulary of creating sentences.  I will never ask the students to memorize definitions.  My hope is that they can apply what they are learning to the work they create.

The last game/review is a kind of test your knowledge type exercise on sentences.

I just purchased a really cool book for some creative, morning writing.  I think I will test-write it either this morning or tomorrow morning as the students arrive.

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