Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween: Sentence Test Level 3 + 4 students and Some useful sentence videos

Happy Halloween!

This was a video I was looking for.  I used it last year to help walk through understanding how Complex sentences work.

Here is a catchy one on Compound Sentences:

There will be some students who need to do Rewrites for the recent sentence quiz.  We will be doing an Art based exercise for another review of the three big sentence types we have been looking at.

In terms of Math, we are at the stage where using the Multiplication tables, or knowing them, is becoming very apparent.  We have been working on reducing fractions to the lowest term:

Being able to do this involves understanding how Factors work.  I believe, a couple of days ago, we looked at a video on the blog on the difference between Factors and Multiples.

Before we move into the final chapter on fractions, we need to review and bring some knowledge together.

Here is a question I put on the board that involves pulling what we have been doing together.  I will probably give them a copy of this note and walk through it:

I provided the class with a typed note on Monday, but when I looked at it, the print for the pages I copied off the Internet were too small for the students to read.  I will fix this and hand this out to them again.

I know it is Halloween and there will not be major items for homework.

1.  Review Day 2 of JUMP Math worksheet (9x table)
2. Practice Multiplication tables
3. Photo retakes are Monday are this Monday, November 1
4.  Complete p. 22 in Math (on reducing fractions)

Have a great and safe weekend.

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