Friday, October 10, 2014

I am Art, feedback on problem solving, To Kill a Mockingbird

Happy Long weekend.

On long weekend, I do not usually give out homework, so I thought it was fitting to have the students read an article on homework.  Once this is done, they are expected to make a comment or observation during a Community Circle on Tuesday.

I apologize for the vertical view.  I will try to fix it over the weekend.  This student forgot this one on her desk.

We worked on developing a set of Success Criteria for our I am poem.  Here is the chart, along with some of the initial paintings produced this afternoon; very cool!

Mr. Chung has planned a class trip for the Grade 7s and 8s to Young People's Theatre to watch a stage production of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.  The trip, including TTC fare, will be $10 and taking place on October 16th.

My last post is to inform you that the Math test has been moved to Wednesday, October 15.  I have returned all Study Sheets and provided feedback on the group Problem Solving done on Wednesday.  Here is a panoramic shot of my feedback:


Math test on Wednesday
Read article on Homework and be prepared to discuss 1 aspect of the article during Community Circle
To Kill a Mockingbird trip form and $10 for Thursday's trip
** Sub lunch money may be brought in on Tuesday**

Have a great long weekend.

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