Monday, October 6, 2014

Sentence Work 2 and Changing one denominator

I am assessing some of the homework that was done in writing this weekend.  In assessment, I get to see what part of the work causes the most amount of challenge for the students.  I am going to use this photo of a review on sentences to help us along:

A number of students did not do this homework.  I do not have a problem when a student attempts it, but does it entirely wrong.  When a student doesn't try to do it is a problem for me.

I have set up some lessons on the Promethean Board to help the students along.   I will report on that, when we get to them.  Please ask your son or daughter if they have completed this work.

As I continue with reading the sentence homework (9 students completed the work with 9 required sentences = 81 sentences + feedback), I thought I would look for a YouTube video that would assist in explaining the parts of a Complex Sentence more:

Here is a funny, attention grabbing video on Dependent Clauses.  I am having some problems uploading, so here is the link and an image from the video:

Here is a funny, attention grabbing video on Independent Clauses.

In Math, a number of students are grasping the work of changing only 1 denominator.  I may have posted this helpful note (which the students were to record in their notebooks), but I will do it again:


Sub forms are due on October 10
Order forms for photos are due tomorrow
TTC Student photos are on Wednesday
Grade 8 Information Night 2 Bloor CI on October 21
**Outstanding HW** (ask a peer, look at HW chart)

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