Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fraction Review + Study Sheet

Instead of trying to cram everything into one daily blog, which I may still do, I think it might be easier to read if I post them by subject.  In the case of the last post -- on sentences -- it is something entirely different from what I am posting now:  a review of solving questions involving the adding and subtracting of fractions.

For the upcoming test, the students will learn about how to make a Study Sheet as a way to review and consolidate their learning.  Here is an older example I did last year for learning how to multiply and understand how multiples work:

For this test, the questions will be based on the three type of questions we have looked at:

To challenge the class a little more,
I created three word problem type questions that they worked on in class.

Each question is based on the three questions to the right.

Usually the Math is not the challenge for the students; it is the comprehension (understanding) part of the questions.

I will go through each group's question and provide some feedback for them.  The questions looked liked this:

Here is the collection of responses for the word problems in a panoramic shot:

Once we have reviewed these questions, and feedback is provided on the Study Sheets, a test will happen.

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