Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Multiples and Factors Song: ADAM UP - Maths Adventures, Rewrites for Math test returned today

It is my hope that this video will help supplement the upcoming lesson I do on Multiples and Factors.

In order to understand this next phase of Math, review and understanding of the Multiplication Table is required!!

The short Math test, given on Friday, was handed back and was pleased that 50% of the class scored 70% and higher on the test.  I believe that daily review (completing and marking homework), hard work and determination played a role in this result.

As always, for those who failed, there will be the opportunity to do a Rewrite.  Just to remind the class, we used a question from one of the students to illustrate how to earn back a mark.  Each mark earned back is worth 6.25%

With one group, we looked at some of the homework questions from last night that were giving them some problems.  We looked at the questions after watching the Youtube video.  Here is a screenshot of some of our work:

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