Wednesday, September 17, 2014


As I was listening to Metro Morning on CBC today, I caught a piece of news from Matt Galoway's interview with former Deputy Education Minister, Charles Pascal.  It relates to the upcoming Municipal Election and the need for voters to be mindful of the School Trustees they are electing. Find out who your trustee is and do some research!

Here are the ward profiles for the City of Toronto:

Here is the link for the two New York Times exercises we did in the class.
I will take a look at the responses and share some of the highlights with the group.

I am pleased with the Oral Communication skills the students, who have volunteered so far, have demonstrated in our Agree/Disagree activity in relation to The Giver.  

During the Curriculum Night presentation, I mentioned that the students should be aware of what they are expected to do.  In most cases, those expectations are in the form of Success Criteria.  I informally jotted a few points on the board for the students to reference during the activity.

This is a walk through explanation of the "new" Math involving different denominators.

Before doing a short quiz, to assess the understanding so far with this new concept, the students will play a few online games for fun and review.

Some new vocabulary will need to be introduced to the students to move beyond the instruction we are currently at.

Here are the list of games or tutorials:

This is a brief video walking through the process we have been learning.

Math Man or like Old School Pac Man:

A Multiple Choice game that looks like Monopoly:

Have a good evening.  Thanks for coming to Curriculum Night.

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