Thursday, September 11, 2014


Albion Hills (Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre) cover sheet.

I think I forgot to post this image of the Homework chart I use to help the students keep track of the assignments they have.  The agenda should be used -- it is a really good habit! -- to develop self-management skills as the workload increases before high school.

An X indicates an incomplete or assignment not submitted.  A smiley face indicates something handed in.
I plan to edit this post, but I wanted to get the homework out for today:

1.  Completion of Agree/Disagree statements.

I plan on reading The Giver to the class.  I think it was the beginning of the Adolescent Dystopia genre and explores a lot of complex ideas.  Written in 1993, it is a classic in Teen Lit.
For homework, the students were given 11 statements, based on themes in the book.  The students have to select 3 statements and decide if they agree, strongly disagree, disagree, or strongly agree.  We will use this information to start some conversations in class.  Here is an example I did for the class:

The full list of 11 statements are here:

The students must provide details and reasons for the choices they make.

2.  A short Math test will assess how well they have understood the initial discussions and homework around Fractions. 

I wanted to have the Grade 7s add to the KWL chart we began a few days ago and to also provide them with a model of how addition and subtraction works when the denominators are the same.

3.  The Gravity story will be due, in class, tomorrow.  A final Success Criteria list was generated based: 

4  The Multiple Intelligences "Part 2" survey was handed out on Monday and is due tomorrow.

Have a good evening.

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