Sunday, September 28, 2014


Tomorrow the Grade 7s will be off to Albion Hills for close to two days of outdoor education.
Albion Hills is an outdoor education centre that was once affiliated with the former Etobicoke Board of Education.  Here is the website for this exciting and engaging place:

I traveled with the Grade 7s and 8s here during the Fall of 2013 and had a lot of fun.  Here is an older shot of the centre, at a distance.

A shot of a dorm, where the students will be sleeping.

One thing I have done in Math, especially when the students are playing games, is to introduce some level of accountability to the play.  This means that they can play and explore an educational website and, at the same time, want them to demonstrate what they learn.

** UPDATE:  Here is the Weather Network link for Bolton, ON.  I believe it is the closest town to the education centre.

Here is an older example from last year:

  I modeled this for the students on Friday and did a screen shot of the Promethean Board:
The yellow scribbles was my attempt to model math calculations.  The Promethean Board was not working and I was improvising.

In Language, we continued on the Community Circle exercise for the letter writing activity.  A lot of the Core periods in Room 52 were taken up with completing the CAT 4.  I am glad it is done, for the majority of the students.

I have noticed that the students, at least the ones who have talked and shared with their peers, have used some of my feedback to add more detail to their sharing.  Once again, the sharing had to do with Summer vacation fun and some goals for the 14-15 school year.  Here is a shot of a student sharing:

Due to my absence on Monday-Wednesday, the Grade 8s will remain with their other homeroom teacher.  I have made homework completion an option for either Monday or Wednesday.

1.  Internet game learning sheet on Math games played last week.  The link for the games may be found on the September 26 entry.  I believe the original posting of the two games was from September 17.

2. Letter to Mr. Proudfoot.  The Community Circle exercise will continue when I am back in the room.

3.  The Agree/Disagree exercise will also continue upon my return to the class.

Have a good Sunday evening and start to your week. 

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