Monday, April 10, 2017

TIFF Kids proposal, School Cash Online, Neurodiversity introduction, TDSB Parent & Student survey


I am going to propose to Ms. Kramer that we view this film as part of the Toronto International Film Festival for Kids.  It is beautiful, eye-opening and mind-stretching.

School Cash Online

In May, there will be a trip to the Ontario Science Centre.  As part of the payment, this trip will be paid for using the school cash online system (  This is the direction all schools are moving towards in the TDSB.  Ms. Kramer let me know that she will provide me with a handout/reminder paper of the steps involved in signing up for this payment system if you haven't already.


Today, we began a discussion on how we are alike and how we are different.  Sometimes we forget that there can be diversity in how our brains work.  I first wrote about this a week or so ago when I introduced the character of Julia, from Sesame Street.  Here is a CBC news story:

We will continue this discussion.  I think it is an important one.

TDSB Parent & Student survey:

This went home today for you to fill out.  Please return it in the same envelope, when you are done.

The student survey will be completed in class over the next couple of days.
Thanks, in advance.

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