Tuesday, April 18, 2017

EQAO practice: looking at Joseph-Armand Bombardier, School Cash Online system, giant asteroid misses Earth: IAS review, sample HW movie review & other items relating to graphing on the coordinate plane

EQAO prep

This is another review and exploration of the way EQAO questions are set up.  We began to take a look at the answers to a reading passage on Joseph-Armand Bombardier.  I must confess, I did not know a lot about him.  Here is an interesting link to some of his creations, which the reading passage touched on.  Here is the link: http://www.museebombardier.com/en/biography

As I mentioned before, there won't be the luxury of being able to talk about the reading passage before the assessment.  I figure while we are reviewing some reading strategies, why not explore some of the content of the reading passage. 

Schools Cash on Line

This was sent home, about the new School Cash Online system that will be used for future trips and excursions.  Here is a link, which I hope may be beneficial for you.  I will also post the handout, which went home last week.

for more info, check out:  https://tdsb.schoolcashonline.com/Home/Support


There is one group in the class working on a Science project on asteroids.  There was a big news story, today, on a giant asteroid 2014JO25, is passing by the earth today.  Apparently, it is closest an asteroid has passed by earth in 400 years!  See more information at the NASA site:  https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/asteroid-to-fly-safely-past-earth-on-april-19

An asteroid is a rocky substance which revolves around the sun but is not considered a planet.   Here is a link detailing some information on the differences between different objects in space that we may think of as asteroids.


Old link to an IAS review page:

Before Friday's test, I will take some time to review this concept for Data Management.

A review question.

Transformational Geometry:

I was using the overhead projector to first introduce some of the concepts to the class involving reflections, rotations, and translations.  I was finding that my hand was blocking the projector and the students were not able to see what I was doing.

So, for the homework that was assigned from Tuesday night, I decided to make a video of the solutions.  This video is a sample of the longer version I demonstrated in the class, allowing time for questions.  We will continue our investigations tomorrow and turn our attention to a few of the types of questions which may pop up on the upcoming EQAO assessment.

Here are a few interesting YouTube videos relating to plotting coordinate pairs.  One is from our favourite Math guy and the others relate to Minecraft.

As we begin to work on the full 4 quadrants of the grid, I thought we might play a version of the game that many of you may know as Battleship.  In this game, you will plot a variety of ships on a 4 quadrant coordinate plane.

The link to give credit to the author is not working.
Although our game will look different, this YouTube video might give you an example of what we will be doing.

Here is what our game sheet will look like:
There is a lot of information on this post and it does not cover all that we are doing so we may not get to the game by Thursday.  This game will serve as a midpoint review for this unit.

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