Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Carl meets George (on Arthur) & the Numbers Guy, David Teitel, Math HW notes and review, some sites for Space Inquiry, WEAR SOMETHING PINK ON WEDNESDAY!

Looking, once again, at Neurodiversity:

I was using the term Neurodiversity and wanted to make sure I was using it correctly.  As I was poking around the Internet, I came across the name of Dr. Thomas Armstrong, who has written about topics relating to Neurodiversity (http://the-mouse-trap.com/2010/07/31/neurodiversityan-interview-with-dr-thomas-armstrong/ & http://www.institute4learning.com/thomas-armstrong/).

To summarize, because I am not writing a research report, Thomas Armstrong is interested in looking at the strengths of individuals who may have ADHD, be on the Autistic Spectrum or have other brain differences.  This does not mean that brain differences, like all differences, can be challenging in different situations, but it the key idea is that there is strength in diversity.

I mentioned to the class about an old episode of Arthur where George meets Carl, who has Apbergers Syndrome which is on the Autistic spectrum.

This morning, I saw a link to a CBC documentary on David Teitel.  I remember him, when he was a cashier at Noah's Health food store at Spadina and Bloor.  He would often share interesting statistics and facts and I had no idea how he came up with them.  At the time, I did not know that he would exemplify the idea of Neurodiversity before I had the faintest idea that I would be a teacher and embrace the different ways our brains function.

Math HW:

Review of select questions from the homework assigned last week:

Space information:

Saya brought this to my attention for the project.  The link is below the image.

I only thought it was fair, and patriotic, to give a shout-out to the Canadian Space Agency.





There is no official homework assigned for tonight, but:

Book Talk Cereal Box assignment:  April 26 (new date)
Science Inquiries:  April 26 (new date)
Parent Surveys:  ASAP (thanks)
unfinished  work

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