Tuesday, April 25, 2017

TIFF Kids, Moderated Marking for EQAO & School Community Cleanup, playing Battleship/reviewing some Geometry concepts

TIFF Kids:

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of taking in the film Not Without Us at the TIFF Kids Film Festival.
I caught a few shots, although they did not look superb, it seemed that most of the class enjoyed themselves and took something in from the film they watched.

Schoolyard cleanup:

I plan to spin the trailer, once more, and see what they took away from it.  We will do this on Thursday, on account of tomorrow being our Track and Field day at Earlscourt Park.

We missed the school-yard cleanup on Friday, so we did it yesterday, during the last period.
on the move

after the gathering

the gather!


I really like how the staff at Dovercourt work together to prepare the students for the EQAO assessment.  While we are doing some work, as a class, on some of the questions, Ms. Waxer and Ms. Ling have been taking our class to do some moderated work on old questions.

I posted the link to some helpful sites on the side of the blog, but in the group in Room 28, we talk about different strategies that can be used when approaching the question.  We finally got around to looking at the Felix Baumgartener question.  Here are the responses we looked at.

While the print may be too small to read, I took a page from Miriam's approach to using a highlighter to make note of some key items.

This is an example of our approach to answering multiple choice questions.
In the short answer questions, I provided a good example and a poor answer.

My first answer did not answer the question at all!  I did not read in carefully and was very off topic.   The second one is much stronger.

In the following images, you will see sample, scored, responses from EQAO.  I would probably score my first response as a 10 or I (for incomplete).

Battleship:  Reviewing the locations in the Cartesian graph 

The four quadrants of the Cartesian plane is something that is not supposed to be explored until Grade 7, but I thought I would go ahead anyway.  As I posted on an earlier post, playing the Battleship game on the graph is a great way to review how the coordinate system works.  We will be returning to our transformations (reflections, rotations, translations) after we have a final session of playing.  Here are some of the pairs in action, from yesterday:

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