Thursday, December 17, 2015

IEPs, Chess Club, a coupon for the ROM, the Grade 7 Buffet, Happy chalk messages, Collages on the wall, "Rule of Thirds" link added, "A Good Lie" film, the last card off to Ottawa

Hang in there, the Holidays are almost here!  From

In addition to this note on a Chess opportunity, this coupon was handed out today:

The collages were compiled, at the back of the room and the marks will be returned ASAP!

The IEPs were sent home last week.  On the last page, please sign off on the document and return it, please.

As the week winds down, there have been some moments of relaxation for the Grade 7s.  We ate from a delicious buffet and spent some time, divided among the three classrooms.

The artist

Subsequent revisions, to the original work.

The "Rule of Thirds" link, for The Photography Club,has been added to the links section of the blog.

As we wind our way down in Geography (History will begin in February), we are concluding are viewing of The Good Lie.  It follows up on our documentary viewing in the early Fall of Lost Boys of Sudan.  While there are some subsequent documentaries on where the "boys" are now, I found something that may not be too long or overwhelming.  It is pretty cool and timely with the mention of the Chess Club that may start up at AMG.

This could be the last card off to Ottawa for our newly arrived Canadians.  I will let the card speak for itself:

- this may sound like a strange word, but the Resource group had a Study Sheet for the final test of the Number Sense Unit (on rounding and multiplying and dividing to three decimal places)
- final page (p.5) of IEP requires a Parent or Guardian signature and a return to Mr. Proudfoot

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