Friday, December 11, 2015

Gena Casey videos: Dividing and Multiplying with decimals, Place Value review & hinting at some Grade 8 Math, using NASCAR to understand decimals, and Global TV footage of Syrian families at Lester B Perason

So, I am always trying to find some catchy video to supplement the work we may be doing in class.  I think I found something.  The smaller Math class is working on a final mini-unit in the Number Sense strand, which relates to Multiplying and Dividing by decimals.  It comes from one of the smaller expectations from the Grade 7 curriculum, so I thought I would share it with the group to solidify some of the skills we have developed this term and provide a sense of accomplishment that  we are capable!

Video #1:  The Casey Shuffle:

Here is a screenshot from the video.  It is something I would like you to write down.  Pay special attention to rule number 3.

This rule may also be applied to Division questions involving decimals

I felt it was important for the students to have some understanding of what "decimals" are, so we did a little review and refreshing with a KWL chart:

Ghalib was the student who asked the question about the HST and Drue asked the question and shared some ideas about rounding.  It is these types of questions, or recognizing what the students know, which helps fuel the class instruction.  Incidentally, Ghalib's interest in the HST relates to some Math that we do in Grade 8!

That particular Math, which Ghalib referred to, looks like this:

So, with the questions and remembering of particular things, a bit of review was in order.

 The question about rounding brought me back to a handy video and poem I used last year:

Find the number in its spot.
Go next door and see what you've got.
5 or more raise the score,
4 or less let it rest.
All the numbers to the right run to zero in a fright.

There was a student who did not quite conceptualize or understand what and why we might round numbers.  I thought of an image of a rocky hill being smoothed out.

There is a swimmer in the Math Resource group, and I was hoping to find a video to demonstrate how decimal numbers in photo finishes can determine who is the winner, but I could not find any.  So, I came up with a list of statistics from Wikipedia documenting the closest NASCAR finishes.

What might those finishes look like?

Place values, to the right of the decimal point, go on for a very long time.  In order for us to "smooth" out our statistics, we use rounding!  Sometimes, though, we may need the accuracy of the digits and particular Place Value to determine how we might rank particular information, like the results of a NASCAR race.

For homework, we will look at some rounding and multiplication, with decimals.  We will move onto dividing, with decimals, next week.

Let's take a look at Casey's approach to dividing:

I know this is not "rocket science," but I believe Casey's Shuffle applies to dividing with decimals.  We will give it a try, when we move onto decimals and dividing next week!

There are a set of videos on the Global webpage of our new Syrian families arriving at the airport.

- Resource Math:  both sides of Math sheet with decimal work
- Passport assignments due on Monday (please email Mr. Proudfoot with any questions)

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