Thursday, December 10, 2015

Arrival and the approximate route, and some "good" and inspirational news stories, another set of cards to Ottawa, Tam Nguyen, and homework

from the news story:

The plane has traveled from Jordan to Beruit, which is in Lebanon, to Germany, and then on to Toronto.  Want to see this route?  Take a look:

This is a lovely video, which I heard on Metro Morning, on CBC.  In a world so full of awful things, there is still a lot of beauty and love:

Another lovely story of generosity:

And another:

Our neighbours, at The Grove Community School, have raised over $30,000 and sponsoring a family from Syria.  The school was instrumental in setting up and organizing a challenge among TDSB schools to raise funds for families who were, and are, part of the Refugee crisis.  Way to go!!  More details may be found here:

Just to be clear, it is not entirely a project organized by Dewson PS. There have been countless other non- Dewson teachers and parents involved in the fundraising efforts.  Shout outs go to many of the teachers from The Grove Community School.

On the theme of positive news, I can remember traveling to New York City and stopping in a town called Ithica. From a small newsstand, I was able to pick up a copy of this newspaper called Positive News.  Interestingly, I shared a copy of it with a teacher, from The Grove Community School.  I intentionally wanted the news stories on today's post to be positive and full of hope.

Here is the link to that newspaper, which also seems to be online.

There is another batch of cards is off to Ottawa from the Grade 7 Geography class.  Nice work:

Tam Nguyen, who lives in Hamilton, comments on her own memories of being a Refugee from Vietnam:

- the sentence quiz, originally scheduled for Friday, will happen on Monday
- Passport assignment:  due on Monday  if an extension is required, please see me  :)

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