Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Second Term will be beginning shortly and I will back to blogging in a couple of days. It is now the Report Card writing time, but I will be posting some points of interest and importance.

The following pages are to help students with the first piece of homework for this term.  Because the students will be doing a Storytelling Unit (I think this has been mentioned before), they will be setting up the "telling" of their stories by using a particular framework.  I first came across this about 5 years ago and found it on the following website:

Some students were finding it a little difficult to plug their story into the framework.  Well, here is the sample of Little Red Riding Hood taken from the homeschoollearning website.

The Grade 7s will be attending a field trip on the afternoon of February 5.  A permission form will be going home today.

 The Grade 8s will be skating this Thursday at Harbourfront.  Permission forms are due:
$6 for Skate Rental, $5 for helmet rental, and a lunch!!

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