Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

This has been such a full week, work wise.
Reports Cards are dues, IEPs need to be updated as we are in a bit of a grey zone between the First and Second term.  So, I am just going to upload a number of images and write around them and how they relate to what we have been up to.

This short movie is related to two videos that I used to frame a Reading Comprehension/Media Literacy assignment.  It has been marked and will be returned on Monday.

This exercise relates to the Oral Communication/Writing Storytelling assignment (that was a mouthful).  The students are now building on the frameworks they worked on this week and preparing to perform a Character Chair.  This means that they have to assume the role of a character from their Story/Myth for 20-30 seconds to explain what it is about.

This is sort of a warmup for the actual Storytelling that will happen in a few weeks.

 I am pretty certain this is not a double-post, but will remove it if it is.  This is something we did in the Progress Report term where the students had to do a self-evaluation/assessment of their Learning Skills and Work Habits.  I did one, to model it, but now realize that I forgot to assign myself any letters for (N)eeding Improvement, (S)atisfactory, (G)ood, or (E)xcellent!   I get an N for that!

Reading Buddies, from Earlier in the week.

A signal of a new beginning:  Term 1 Tracking Chart work is gone and a new era begins!
The Grade 6 and 7 students traveled to Central Tech for a Careers Day visit.  I did not attend, but Mrs. Machado sent me a couple of photos.  I haven't followed up to see where or what they were doing when these photos were taken.

The Grade 8s went skating yesterday at Harbourfront.  It was cold, but a lot of fun.  Here are some images from our trip:


Parent Teacher Interview forms (if you do not need one, please fill out the form and return in)
Brainstorm for Character Chair (Mr. P will model on Monday)
Ensure your Story Structure framework is complete (Mr. P will provide you with feedback) 

have a good weekend!

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