Thursday, February 20, 2014


The Character Chairs have now been completed and the students have received constructive feedback, and marks, on how they have performed.  We will now be turning our attention to performing the stories/Myths on another level in the form of storytelling!

Here is the Success Criteria that we developed together yesterday:

I am going to attempt  to upload a video of Jonathan working through a Math problem from the Promethean Board.  Because it is a large file, it may not upload correctly.

As the Grade 8s continue to work on some Grade 8 level work on angles, I decided to do an activity that would be characterized as constructivitst.  Simply put, it means that students make sense/create/construct their own understanding about something.

So, I will drop a little hint about the correct interior measurements of the shapes the students made.

 The students had to make a triangle and a quadrilateral (a four sided shape).  With a triangle, the interior angles always add up to 360 degrees and with a quadrilateral, the measurements of all angles always total to 360 degrees.  More to come!!

Tomorrow is the last day for the Pizza Lunch money to be brought in:

 I may have already posted this about the upcoming Parent Conference, put on by the TDSB, but I am not sure.  Here it is:

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Although I have not been posting the images to the website, we usually do the What's Going on in this Picture exercise from the New York Times.  Here is the image we looked at on Tuesday.  We will debrief and find out "what is going on" when we look at the answer, either today or tomorrow.  This exercise is part of our Media Literacy unit of the Language program.

The link for this image, and to find old postings, may be found at:

Here our some images from our visit to Mr. McLaughlin's room for Reading Buddies.  I will be looking at the journal entries they have been doing with their partners to see if they have been following the Success Criteria for the visits.  Yes, I know, they are only in Kindergarten, but it is important they have a sense of what the activity is supposed to be about and if they don't, they can find out from the teacher!

Here is that Success Criteria chart that Mr. McLaughlin created:

The Grade 7s are doing some review and reinforcement of some key concepts in understanding perimeter.  The students used a Geoboard to create a shape and then counted off the perimeter.  They then had to transfer the shape to their notebook.  Here is the sample I did. 

Geoboard perimeter of 10

Drawing in the notebook.  No unit of measurement is indicated and that is okay, since the Geoboard has no fixed unit of measure.
Here are some students at work:


Unit 4 Spelling work + final dictation
Pizza Lunch forms are due tomorrow

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