Monday, February 24, 2014

Short Post

The list of games posted last Thursday were explored by the Grade 7s and 8s in the Library today.

I gave the students a sheet to record the name of the three review/game sites they visit and to record what they have learned.  For some some students, they said they learned nothing because they already know everything on a given topic.  They may think they do, but this exercise can be a form of review for them where they might reinforce what they already know by playing an educational game.

Here is an example of a sheet being filled in by one student:

In Grade 5 Math, and in the subsequent years after, students begin to be exposed to formulas for calculating answers.  In the case of the Math we are doing with the Grade 7s, they are doing a review of Grade 5 Measurement by looking at the perimeter of a rectangle (they will then look at the area of the same shape).  On the Promethean Board, after taking up today's homework, I drew an image:

More review and practice to come.

For the Grade 8s, we are still dabbling in some angle relationships.  At this point, we are combining are knowledge of Straight and Opposite angles to solve problems like this:

 We will spend a little more time on these relationships before we begin a review and have a test on this.

Spelling homework (from Friday) and a Reading Response (from the weekend) should have been handed in.  I will be checking these two items and adding it to the homework chart.  Even if you are absent from school, you are still responsible for completing and handing in this work.  DON'T BEGIN TERM 2 IN THE HOLE.  Stay on top of your work and ask for help and more time, if you need it!!

No formal homework has been assigned tonight.

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