Tuesday, March 22, 2016

14 weeks left, Outside Play, Black Lives Matter presentation, preparing for History & Drama

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Apparently, there are 14 weeks until the school year is done.  As we adjust to the change in temperatures, and the change in the seasons, the year will race by.  Before we know it, the month of March will be done, even though it seemed to have just started.

In the last week before the March Break, I was not blogging as much as I usually do but I will settle into a regular period of blogging.  This is a short week, as is next week, but there is still work happening.  Today, we will be having a visit from the Black Lives Matter movement and a visit from the Roseneath Theatre for a production of the play, Outside. 

This is the summary of the play, taken from the Roseneath website:

SYNOPSIS: Outside is the story of Daniel, a teen who triumphs over homophobic bullying, depression and suicide. At his new school he shares his story at a meeting of the Gay Straight Alliance. Meanwhile, at his old school, struggling to come to terms with what happened, his friends Krystina and Jeremy attempt to start their own GSA. Through flashbacks, we travel through Daniel’s harrowing experience with bullying that began with a taunt and a text message and eventually led to a serious physical assault. Three friends, two high schools, one lunch hour. #RoseneathOutside http://roseneath.ca/20152016-season/outside/

Here is the official trailer for it and a 5 minute sample.

Both classes will be completed their History/Drama work by next week and we will be moving into work in the Grade 7 History textbook, along with supplementary materials to develop our understanding of the Grade 7 History program.

Before we present, I want to be sure that the groups who will be presenting understand what they are being assessed on.  While we have talked about this before, I felt it was necessary for a recap.

Interestingly, some of the concepts on the Historical Concepts chart -- Conflict/Cooperation & Power -- were a part of the discussion during the Black Lives Matter presentation.

There were a lot of really interesting questions the class had after the discussion.  The discussion was deep, I am not going to try to skirt the issues raised, but I was very pleased with the questions and comments coming from the Grade 7s.
Layout of History class:  Item B initiated our discussion.  I opened up about some of my own experience of being Carded by the Police and some of the struggles I had with someone with a White father and Black mother.

A wrote the names of students beside some of the comments and questions which came up.  This served as a springboard for our discussions.

Although this was not named in the assembly, we discussed this in class.  It will be explored further and connected to Calahan's question about the "line exercise"which was done in the assembly to demonstrate how power and privilege may work.
 I managed to find a video on YouTube relating to Calahan's question.

The idea of a stereotype began the discussion this morning in the assembly.  I am rushing this a little, but the idea that our ideas about certain groups of people, when they are paired with discrimination, usually results in someone being discriminated against.  For example, if someone thought Black people were lazy, so they won't be good workers, and should not be hired, that would be an example of racism. 

Here are a few photos, from my phone, from this afternoon's play:


Resource group Math test on Wednesday
Comma "clicker" test on Thursday
Reading Responses for Resiliency story

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