Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Exploring ideas of resilience in writing, tests on Wednesday & the coming storm

The next paragraph writing exercise will involve looking at some items from the Strength Based Resilience Program, SBR, which was set up in conjunction through The University of Toronto Scarborough campus and the Toronto District School Board.

The first paragraph, when we get to it, has to do with the idea of being resilient.  We began exploring this topic by looking at the preceding YouTube video and the following quote:

This is a screenshot from the workbook I have used for the SBR program.
To ensure our memories are sharp, as it pertains to paragraphs, we did some exercises and wrote a paragraph, as a class.
A classic 5 sentence paragraph!

- Science test on Wednesday
- Resource Math and DaSilva test on Wednesday
- Comma rule test, with Promethean clickers, on Thursday 


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