Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Indooor Soccer videos: An example of Resilience, Summer School applications, missed interviews

I was reading an answer to a question a student wrote in relation to dealing with a difficult situation or setback.  David talked about someone who might lose his or her legs and might not be able to play soccer.  Using the idea of being resilient, I thought it would be possible to do something else relating to soccer that wouldn't involve using your legs; perhaps you could coach the sport or play it while using a wheelchair.

I looked at Youtube and came up with a couple of videos of people, who use wheelchairs, and still play the beautiful game.  Being able to play offers, I am sure, a tremendous amount of joy, an ability to be athletic and remain fit, just to name a few of the benefits.  Here are the videos.

Here is another variation of the game:

The Summer School applications are going home today with selected students from Room 52.

Some students were not  given applications.  There will not be any Educational Assistants in Summer School to assist students who have programs that are modified significantly below Grade Level in either Language or Mathematics.

For those parent(s) or guardians who missed an interview and would like another time, I am sending home this form for you to see:

Term 2:  Math result for Grade 7s:


Map of Latin American and the Caribbean
Grade 8 Math quiz tomorrow
Graphic Organizer for Harris Burdick paragraph
Countless other work (posted on Homework chart in classroom)

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