Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reporting period and getting back into the groove of learning

During report card period.  Things seem to shut down for a few days.
Report cards went home yesterday along with some notes, for some students, regarding lates and absences.  I sent home two handouts last Friday concerning the Measles outbreak and the Parent Teacher interview forms.  Here they are:

To be continued.
All work done in class, from this point on, will count towards Term 2.  It is a new term and a new beginning.

In terms of Language, we are going to be working on a couple of forms of writing:

1.  Continuing on the narrative piece with the Harris Burdick illustrations.  So far, the students should
have completed this as an initial exercise tp get them thinking.

Next, and this was introduced today, was a graphic organizer helping the students sequence out the events that they think were a part of the scene in the photo:

In terms of the actual practice of writing, I asked the students to take a shot at writing a narrative paragraph.  This is not graded:  it is only feedback with some feedback.  This paragraph was assigned last Friday, yet I only have 5 completed copies.  So, here is a student sample, along with a sample I did:

They are only drafts.  I am sure my example could use some improvement.

- complete the 5ws and H for the Harris Burdick illustration
- complete the narrative paragraph (15 more are needed!)
- graphic organizer to set up narrative paragraph

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