Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A number of things I want to post, but I will start with the two documentaries that will screened to the Grade 7s and 8s as part of the Hot Docs:  Docs in School program.

 When I Walk trailer

Last Woman Standing trailer

We are now exploring how the comma works and why it is an important piece of punctuation.

I returned to an article we used for a Reading  Response on how teens understand the nature of online friendships and used it to review the meaning of the article (checking for comprehension) and how the author uses commas to make the article make sense.

The students, in groups, are doing a bit of a Scavenger Hunt to locate all of the commas and then figure out what rules apply to their usage.  They are using the list of rules, located in the back of this book:

For the Grade 7s, we completed our initial look at calculating the Area of a Triangle.  They will be composing a Study Sheet for it tonight.  We have gone through, step- by- step, the process for figuring out the answers.  Here is an image of a homework sheet we were working on:

Before we have a test, there will be a fun review we do that involves this cool Math game I discovered in class:

It is a review of the formula (sorry the measurements our Imperial [as typically seen in America]) for the Area of a Triangle.  Here is the link for the game:

Alyssa playing


Comma worksheet for both grades
Study Sheets for both grades for Math (Area of Triangle for 7s, introductory work on Integers for Grade 8s
Progress Reports went home this evening and should be signed and returned on Monday

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