Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 9: Part 1

I seem to have been in a deficit, or slight hole, with my blogging as of late.  There is a lot to report, though, so I will begin.

An old What is Going on in this Picture from the New York Times is posted here for review:

The 8s are finishing up their look at the Pythagorean Theorem and will be handing in Study Sheets tomorrow for an upcoming test.  Some of the questions were problem solving based and others were more challenging due to the solving questions when the measurement of the Hypotenuse was given and one of the "legs" of the  triangles required a length to be solved.

The  Study Sheet is graded out of 5.  Feedback is provided by me on what the students should pay attention to as they prepare to write the test.  These sheets may be used during the test as an accommodation.

The Grade 7s are also doing a Study Sheet and working on some problem solving questions on Area and Perimeter.  I have experimented with having students work in groups to work on these problems and develop a Study Sheet;  sometimes they are motivated best when working with other students.

A reminder:  

 A number of students completed the Journal entry last week about an event that changed their life.  To help the students along, I wrote a sample, including some brainstorming.  Eventually I produced a written work to help guide the students.  All writing done in class should follow the model of what we learned from our unit on paragraphing:
taken from:

Mrs. Cimesa, Room 52's Student Teacher from OISE, has been working hard on the Language unit that has been focusing on developing the students ideas around Media Literacy.  She has been mixing media, with theory, and has now moved on to having the students work on a culminating task/project.

Further images will be added to this ongoing unit.

Here is one of the clever and catchy videos used in class.

The theoretical part is based on the cubes that were designed and constructed by the students last week:

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