Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday evening planning

Preparations are being made for 2 tests for this week.  One will be in Math and Language.  For both tests, there will be an interactive component where the students will use these Blackberry looking devices to answer a series of questions (True and False and Multiple Choice) using the Active Expression 2 hardware.

I have not used this hardware since last year, so I spent the evening familiarizing myself on how it works and also with setting up the 2 quizes.

There will be a writing component for both tests and will look at the students' abilities at being able to write Complex Sentences and understand how Place Value works, when decimals are involved.

We have been very busy doing a lot of review, and assessment on these topics.

We played a game in Math, similar to the one where the students had to create very larger numbers, while playing with a partner.  In this game, the object was to create the largest number, but it involved a decimal point.  Here are some game play images, along with some of the reference points we used to better understand the topic.

A completed game card with all work completed

A screen shot of some athletes from the 2012 Olympics.  We were paying attention to their scores and how they were measured to the 1000th decimal point.
A fictional exercise based on the world of Gymnastics.  Thanks to Eric for completing this for the class to see.
In the realm of writing, sample are always showing up on the board somewhere.  The name of the game is repetition and understanding.  If the students practice, I do my best to provide them with feedback so they will know where they went wrong and how to improve.

There was no homework tonight, but it is advisable that the students begin to prepare for the tests at the end of the week.
Actually, Spelling was assigned this evening and is due on Friday.  I walked through the Spelling Sheet with them and will welcome any questions, if the students are feeling confused.


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