Monday, December 16, 2013


The sentence test had to be done over today.  It was a technical issue that was my fault and needed to be smoothed out.   I made the necessary corrections, had the students do the test, and put that grade alongside the written test done on Friday.  Results will be give out this morning.  A screenshot of one part of the test looks like this:

I decided to "chunk" the Math test.  The Promethean Board part of the test was done today. It will be graded for tomorrow and reviewed, prior to the written portion of the test tomorrow.  Here is a screenshot from the test:

Both tests are in multiple choice or true and false type questions.  So, while the students don't have to write, they must have an understanding of the topic.

The final dictation for Spelling was today and the graded tests will be returned tomorrow.  I will also be marking the work for the Spelling Unit. Unfortunately, a number of students ARE NOT doing this.  While it results in less marking for me, it also means that the students are not meeting the obligations of the classroom or taking initiative and responsibility for their learning.

The same reminder also goes for the lack of Study Sheets being prepared by members of the class to help them with the most recent Math test.


Math test on Place Value relating to smaller numbers.

From last week's rehearsal.  The Holiday concert is tomorrow night.

Have a good evening.

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