Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another attempt at uploading

Like good teaching, assignments are often broken down into smaller parts.  So, I am attempting to break the movie I tried to publish into smaller sizes.  Okay, let's take a shot at this:

Okay, this is a bit of a problem.  I have spent  a lot of time trying to make this work.  Patience, Mr. Proudfoot, go back to the drawing board.

What I will post will be something the Grade 7s have to pick up on in the morning.  As we prepare to begin working on our Persuasive Paragraphs.  Here is another sample of a Complex Sentence:

This rather scenic image comes with a quote from the character known as Morpheus, from The Matrix who imparts some wisdom to Neo, the chosen one, about making a choice.

I have always believed that we have choice and agency.  A student may decide to complete homework or they may not.  When time is provided in class to catch up on missed work, a student may or may not decide to use that time.

This is like the door that Neo, the chosen one, must decide to go through.  Students have choice; they may not be always easy decisions, and require some work, but that is life.
To be continued.

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