Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Math test scheduled for tomorrow has been put off until Monday.  There were two final sheets to review and take up and I did not feel comfortable giving a test while there was unfinished work to be reviewed.

To help some of the students improve at responding to the weekly New York Times exercise of figuring out what is going on in a particular photo.  The Grade 7s came up with some ideas that we added to a Success Chart that will be posted in the class when the students have to do this activity.

I decided to add a response to the photo, as well.

The actual image, an information about the photo, may be seen at:

Some of the time was spent getting ready for tomorrow's test on understanding and writing out different types of sentences.  Here is a preview of what to expect, using the Activ Expression, devices and an image of reminders about the 3 types of sentences we learned.


Sentence test in 2 parts:  Promethean Activ Expression part + Writing portion (being able to write a Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentence)

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