Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Very late on Monday, but really on Tuesday

I have not gone for more than a week with a post for quite some time.  The summer vacation is almost here, but this always seems to be the busiest time of year for teachers as they prepare to wind down.  School sports are ending, but the graduation is on the horizon, along with IEP updates, and report card completions.

As I have done in the past, when I am trying to fill in some details, I will upload some images and comment on them as they relate to the work of the past week.

This is a video selection from Tamar's Reader's Theatre project.  This is the scene involving the dramatization of some movement from the book he read, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Here are some other images of our presenters.  The students have known about this assignment for, at least, 8 weeks.  Some of the students are not prepared to present (and I am not talking about the people who forgot their books or needed one more day to get ready).


We began to use some of the statistics from the World Cup to learn about Measures of Central Tendancy which is usually known as Mean, Median, and Mode.  I did not put any Group G information; I think people are still hurting from that Portugal loss.

Here is another item I received in the mail today.  It is a Real Estate report for my area. It makes reference to the Mean and Mean (Average).

The Grade 8s took Algebra a step further and caught up to some of the work their peers were doing in the other classes.  For a lot of them, this was new material and challenging.  A lot of them, though, really pushed through this and learned some things that will benefit them in Grade 9.

This letter was a follow up to the remind parents and guardians of the 2 Progress Reports which went home over the past 6 weeks.  Some students did not bring them back, so I provided them with additional copies.  If you have not signed this letter, please do it and return it please.  Thanks.

 Column A of worksheet on calculating Averages (the Mean)

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