Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday and Tuesday

I know school is close to being done, but teaching for this term will not be over until the final report cards go home.

Thanks to the parents who signed and returned the Progress Reports.

 There are many of you who have not returned it.  Please do this; it is appreciated.

I am still plowing through some curriculum materials.  I am trying to balance off some of this work by providing opportunities for the students to interact with the work in a non-traditional way.

For Grade 7s, I have discovered another game for the students to investigate that relate to the 1st quadrant of the Cartesian plane:

This is grid with all 4 quadrants.

This game is a little more challenging and takes into account the other quadrants:

And here is another challenging,
4 quadrant game:

As far as some games and posts for the Grade 8s, who are now currently working on Algebra, I have re-posted a link from a couple of weeks ago.   I think this work may be more of an appropriate review for the Grade 8s.  Some of the content in the links was a bit too advanced for a number of the Grade 7s.


Grade 8:  Math sheet p. 50 all + p. 51 odd questions only (Algebra)

Grade 7:  Questions 1-12 on Math sheet  (Geometry)

Reader's Theatre/Book Talks begin Wednesday afternoon

Narrative paragraphs are due

Prezi/Identity projects begin on Monday.  I will aim to make a version of what the project may look like.  So far, here are my rough notes:

I just spent the last hour and a bit collecting images and putting some of these rough sentences into a draft Prezi for the students to see.  It may be seen at the following link:

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