Saturday, July 8, 2017

Post Canada Day

Canada Day 150

On the last day of school, the class from Room 28 generated some ideas on this KWL chart:
The what will happen on July 1, question really stood out.  When I think about it, this issue has been in the front of many minds of Canada's First Peoples, but it has taken this big 150-year celebration to bring it to mind for many non-Aboriginal Canadians.

The links to the stories I have here is not an attempt to highlight all of the experiences and reactions to Canada 150.  I admit, I do have a bias towards the CBC and will often go there for a lot of my information.
In class, I grappled with what I would do on Canada Day.  Our family enjoys fireworks and so we took them in from the Billy Bishop airport and had talked about why this Holiday is not always a celebration for all.  If anything, it is an opportunity to continue conversations and develop our awareness as Canadians about who we are and our History.

6-word sentences

In the last post, I think I talked about how we shared 6-word sentences to summarize the year.  Here are the two I shared at our last staff meeting.  The first is a summary of my experiences at Dovercourt and last one speaks to my year in Room 28. be continued 

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