Thursday, December 11, 2014

The day before the snow, Success Criteria, and Math notes

The Grade 7s were given a note today on calculating the perimeter of a rectangle.  It was meant as a visual reminder for them to understand the formula better.  I strongly encourage the students to do a daily review of any notes or work we do in class to help them with their understanding.  Any questions can then be brought in the next day to class for discussion.
A couple of formulas used by the Grade 8s and 7s.
I finally completed the Success Criteria for the Ideal Society/Community project.  I wanted it to be not too cluttered or confusing for the students.  

The students have all of the information they need for the project.  We have been spending some time looking at different examples of persuasive techniques used by advertisers to sell their products.  As part of this project, the students will have be persuasive in selling the societies they have created.

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