Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Checks before short quiz, copy of the SBR letter, the SBR survey, Mr. P's IPRC meetings next week, and the trip to the Bata Shoe Museum

Grade 8s reviewing
Grade 7s reviewing

Due to a busy Thursday afternoon, it seems that some of the Grade 8s and  7s completed the Math test and some did not.  I am happy to see that some of the students took the time to prepare for the test and made use of the homework written on the board to check to see if they are on the correct path.  The photos taken show them reviewing some of the homework, which served as the basis for the test.

Attached is a copy of the letter I sent home on Wednesday providing some details on the upcoming Strength Based Resilency program.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the login information for the SBR survey.  It is crucial that all students complete the survey.  For those who haven't, I am hoping that you will be able to do it before the end of next week.  If we could begin the program before the last week of school, that would be a real positive.

If you do know your password and username and have started the survey, please complete it.

I will be helping to organize and lead the discussions for the IPRC Review meetings for the Grade 8 students who are moving onto high school.  Unfortunately, I will be in the school, but out of Room 52 on Monday and Tuesday.  The students will be spending this time with their other teachers.

Field Trip on Monday and Tuesday
I was very busy last week and made the epic mistake of forgetting to hand out trip forms to the Grade 8s who were to be visiting the Bata Shoe Museum on either Monday or Tuesday.  I a few of  the students have forms, and I do have some verbal confirmations from a parent saying they have permission to attend.  

I will send home forms for the students who will be attending on Tuesday on Monday, but if you wish to grant permission for the students to attend on Monday, please get in touch with me using my tdsb email, which many of you should have.  I apologize for this inconvenience.


Due to my participation in the School Support Team meeting on Thursday afternoon, no formal homework was assigned for the weekend.
There was homework assigned on Wednesday night in relation to the Media/Ideal Society project.  I received it from a handful of students on Thursday.  I did not provide them with any feedback due to the SST meetings I was preparing for.  

Once I am back in class on Wednesday of this coming week, we will return to this project and begin to look at the Success Criteria  (currently being developed) for this project.

Have a great weekend.

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