Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

A link for reviewing Integer operations.  For the Grade 8s:

A link I posted from Wednesday or Tuesday's blog for reviewing Algebraic equations:
Please fill in this form afterward to demonstrate what you learned from viewing this site:

The following is an example about what Tamar is learning.  He is writing out one of the questions from the website, solving it, and then recording his learning (solving the question) on the piece of paper.
 This information was modeled and shared with the group.

 Here is a sample of what the question could look like:

Although Tamar did not answer this question, I would expect him, and the others, to do this:

1.  Change the order of the equation to have the variable on the left side of the equal sign.

x-13 = 21

2.  Understand the question:  A number subtract 13 equals 21.

3.  Use the "balance" method to solve the question:

x-13+13 = 21+13
x = 34

4.  I suggest checking the answer by "plugging" in the correct answer to the original question:

[34] - 13 = 21

Here is a sample of Eric's homework.  I have wanted the students to follow this method when solving the equations.  This is the method the TDSB high schools expect us to follow.  While there are other approached, learning and understanding this method is most helpful.

When I posted the links on the blog for games for the 7s, I thought the site that had negative numbers in it might be too difficult.  Tamar insisted that he wanted to come to the front of the class and answer this question on this particular website.  I am going to use this site with the Grade 8s.  Here is an image of Tamar's completed equation:


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