Thursday, May 8, 2014

Almost Thursday, April 8, 2014

A number of students often ask me how many more weeks of school are left.  I can never answer them because I can't quite see the end because it is a really busy time of year.  After a long winter, the Field Trips are beginning, many sports teams are in season, and the crunch to complete and cover certain curriculum area continues.

I am going to comment on some of the activities in Room 52 by posting up my usual assortment of pictures and images:

Today, Room 52 traveled, in the afternoon, to Oakwood CI to watch their Dance troupe perform.  I did not take a lot of photos of the trip.  I don't think  I was allowed to, but here is the poster of the event.  The show during the day was for schools in the area and the show at night is for the general public.

If you look carefully, you can see Megan, Tracey, and Cassandra's heads.
On the same theme of The Arts, we had several successful screenings for the Hot Docs documentaries last week in Room 52.  Here are a couple of shots of the audience taking in the films.

A few more students recently completed their One Point perspective pieces. I have not mounted them on the back, display wall, but I will.  Here are the images:

With the improved weather, we took our Reading Buddies (from this past Monday) outside.  Some students have been very consistent with completing the Journal logs with the students and making sure they are engaged and learning. Some, are not.

In the area of Language, through Spelling and Writing, we have been looking at the importance of apostrophes.  I decided to teach about this since I see students often writing student's to mean students or the plural of student.  I began this mini unit using this book:
Here are a couple of interesting images from the book which display the importance of apostrophes.

The Spelling work, which is due on Friday, was explored a little more this morning.  I made a point of going through all of the questions to clear up any confusion.  I also modeled one of the possible ways to approach the question about writing a paragraph:

The 7s are being introduced to Algebra through the strand of Measurement.  A lot of this work is new for them and it would be really beneficial if they worked on learning their multiplication tables.  Last week, I gave them a question, that some of the them solved, that was Algebraic (in other words, it was an Algebra problem).

This will be continued more in the coming week.

The last thing, which they have not seen yet, is a return to having a Reading Response modeled for them.  I selected an article from the 24 newspaper and then completed a response.  The students will be give it as an example.

One more thing:  The Progress Reports went home last week and I am still missing the signature from home, for many of you.  If you haven't seen it, it looks like this:

As soon as I finish reading the book Harriet's Daughter to the class, we will begin to work on the Book Talks.  I have already booked some time in the Library on Monday to ensure all students have a quality reading material (that is fiction) for this project.

I will model how this assignment will look and sound, for the class.

Due to officiating at a Track and Field meet on Thursday, there will not be any homework assigned.  If you have not completed work that you were given time for on Thursday, it will be homework for Thursday night.

Have a good day on Thursday.

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